Yep, It's Official...

Brooklyn is all grown up. She's now in preschool. Wow, preschool?! My goodness, where did the time go? Two days under our belt and she just LOVES it! She attends mondays, wednesdays, and fridays from 8-11am. Yes, that's an early start. So far so good. We've had a few sleepy-eyed kids this week, but Brooklyn's pure excitement trumps any sleepy's. Monday, after school, she said "Tomorrow I'm gonna be like 'tomorrow I get to go to school! Tomorrow I get to go to school!' and then the NEXT day I'm gonna be like 'Today I get to go to school! Today I get to go to school!'". When I picked her up today, she looked like she had been doing this for years. She was so comfortable. She loves her teacher, remembers and reiterates every part of each story they read, and explains to ME how to play Duck Duck Grey Duck. Cute!

When I picked her up monday, amongst the chaos of kids getting on the bus and parents picking them up, her teacher (Ms Abby) made sure to pull me aside and tell me how great Brooklyn was and how wonderful she is at raising her hand. She said she quickly realized that she had to continually scan the class "even during playtime because there was Brooklyn...quiet as can be (clear on the other side of the room)...with her hand straight up in the air waiting to be called on". Oh to be a fly on that wall. When we first met with Ms Abby during parent/teacher conferences, I'm pretty sure she thought Brooklyn would always be as shy as she was that day. And I'm pretty sure she threw that thought out the window today after she got to wait with Brooklyn for me to pick her up. Abby told me that Brooklyn just jumped up and sat right next to her and very enthusiastically said, "let's tell stories!".

So, mama wipes a tear as her baby Brooklyn embarks on this new adventure. Way to go, Brookie-do! We're so proud of you!