A Week(ish) in RC

This last week I decided to get out of town with all 4 kids in tow and visit my parents in WI. We are typically only able to visit for a couple nights at a time so Mike can get back to the office and/or Brookie can get back for school. So this time we left daddy at home and stayed 5 nights (the longest we have ever stayed!). It was nice to be there long enough for the kids to almost settle into a routine. We were also so fortunate enough to share a few of those days with my Aunt Sharon who came from MO to visit. So fun!

We took the kids to the baby pool in town and they had far more fun than I ever imagined. Brooklyn spent the entire time swiming back and forth across the (16" deep) pool and becoming fascinated by the fact that she could hold her ENTIRE body up on just one thumb under water, Jeremiah was crouching down and walking sideways saying "I'm walking like a crab!", and Savannah kept squealing "I love baby pools!! Dis is so weally fun!! Watch me, I do a dance". We sorta cut into one of Asher's naps while we were there, so he wasn't as thrilled with the water, but he sure had a cozy lap with grandma.

We got in some awesome park time while we were there. It's such a fun one too! Brooklyn created some obstacle courses and timed us to see who could get across the fastest, Jeremiah was content to stay on one piece of the playground equipment so he could go barefoot (his shoes were irritating him) and not have to walk across the woodchips (which also irritated him ;-) ), Savannah was all over the place like a little monkey, and I'm actually surprised I got the smile from Asher that I did because he's really not typically a fan of swings.

(holy jeeberz, could he be any happier??)

I think Michael (my sister's boyfriend) should be dubbed water fight king. Thanks to him, my kids were ultimately worn out (every day). The fight wasn't exactly fair (note the hose in his hand and teeny water guns in the kids' hands), which made for an hysterical game. On this day, Savannah happened to have not taken a nap, so there was a lot of  "DON'T SQUOTE ME!!", "I SAID DON'T SQUOTE ME!!", and (whispered) "I want to squote him" (pointing at Michael).

After a lot of tears, running away, and screaming Savannah got a hold of the hose and this teeny little smirk spread across her face. I know she was thinking, "he he he, take THAT!".

While we were there, Asher learned a new trick! He's now officially unstoppable. We've put up baby gates everywhere in our house because he also squirmed up the stairs the other day. So awesome, little buddy!

The kids had a lot of fun playing ladder ball. They were awesome, too! They were able to land them right on the 'ladder' (that is, until Savannah removed it for them -- oh what a helpful sister they have).

Well, fortunately for grandma and grandpa, we decided that we prefer the longer stays when we visit. Can't wait until we bombard them again with a pile of Graham lovin'. ;-)