We don't just have "vacations" around here. We have "radical vacations", "splishy splashy vacations" and now a "Wiscon-cation" (vacation in Wisconsin ;-) ). We were really only out of town for barely four days, but I'm pretty sure we packed about nine days worth of fun into that short time.
It's not that often that we make it over to Eau Claire to see the Anderson's, so the kids especially were pumped! The big kids skipped our usual afternoon quiet time and instead played hard with their cousins (while Asher and Bryndel napped) all afternoon. Lots of running around in their backyard, playing with a pile of flashlights in the pitch dark downstairs, sprinting through sprinklers, eating popcicles, splashing in 'flooded' Carson Park, and playing on the beach of Lake Altoona. 

 Savannah mastered the art of swinging on the monkey rings and dropping 'all the way down' to the ground by herself.


Jeremiah taught Hadley all about LEGO Ninjago.

 The big girls all had a great big birthday party for their American Girl dolls.

(then kept them in a safe spot while they ran off to play)

I quickly lost track of how many times Asher held his little hands out, with his shoulders shrugged, asking "peh-bih-boooo???". Always wanting to go back for just one more peek at Uncle Kyle's Caribou on the wall.

My little brother, Jordan, works 3rd shift so we saw slightly different hours of him than anyone else. Savannah had been pondering his schedule for a while and during snuggles one night said, "Isn't that so silly that Uncle Jordan be's awake a night while we're sleeping?? That is just so silly."

The kids sure had a good time with him while he was awake though. He gave them this Styrofoam airplane to glide around in the backyard. It provide lots of enetertainment!


My sister and her fiancée, Michael, just recently moved to a little house in the country (so cute!) and they have quite the garden in the backyard. Needless to say, Brooklyn jumped right in (literally) and gobbled up lots of fresh strawberries!

We also took a nice (muddy, wet) walk through a little 'pasture' to get to a little creek that runs out back (and of course Savannah gets the royal treatment from Michael by being carried the whole way). Asher sure knows how to test my nerves when it comes to peeking over the edge of any kind of height! Lil' stinker.


Savannah managed to stop playing long enough to gaze out Auntie Kiki's window, thinking about who knows what. (I'm sure she was thinking "I wish we could have apple trees, berry trees, raspberry bushes, strawberries, and a massive garden like Auntie kiki!") -- oh wait. That's me. ;-)














Lakeside Father's Day

Another relaxing evening on the lake just doin' our thing. You know, the usual shrieking/screaming/giggling with excitement in the pool...

hanging out (literally) with grandpa in the 'bunk hammocks"...
and a really (I mean, really) silly game of Bocce Ball!



Happy Father's Day!


Pre-Father's Day Interview

I wanted to see just how well our kids knew their daddy. So, I sat them down (individually, of course. I didn't want one answer to feed off another's answer) and asked them a few questions about Mike. Here's what I got:


Father's Day Interview with Brooklyn, Jeremiah, and Savannah

How old is daddy?
B: Thirty-two and a half (that' s what daddy told me, but I think he's wrong, because isn't he 33 already??)
J: Twenty-five three or twenty-five twenty. He told us, but I can't remember.

S: Two and a half
How tall is daddy?
B: Oh man...I wanna measure. I would say about 15 of my feet tall.
J: 16 crayons tall
S: Ummm up to this (hand stretched up as tall as she can)

What color are daddy's eyes?
B: Brown
J: Blue
S: Blue

What color is daddy's hair?
B: Brown
J: Brown. I mean black.
S: Black

What is daddy's favorite food?
B: Food from the grill and nachos
J: Chips
S: Carrots and dip {actually, Savannah's favorite food}

What is daddys favorite drink?
B: Coconut milk
J: Daddy juice {whiskey}
S: Water and daddy juice

What do you think is daddy's favorite thing to do?
B: Be with this family
J: Play baseball with me
S: Pwobly work at his office

What makes daddy happy?
B: Being with this family
J: Rice Crispy bars {can't actually remember the last time Mike had a Rice Crispy bar. They are not his favorite ;-) }
S: Going to work by himself

What makes daddy sad?
B: Disobeying him
J: Disobeying
S: When mommy's sick

What is daddy really good at?
B: Juggling and running
J: Running
S: Going to work

My favorite thing to do with daddy is...
B: Be with him with nobody else. Just a little me and daddy time.
J: Look at legos
S: Watching a movie in the garage

It makes daddy happy when I...
B: Help him
J: Obey him
S: Play a Brooklyn game {any of our board games}

Daddy likes to wear...
B: His pajamas and scrubs
J: Baseball clothes
S: His work clothes so he can work

What did daddy do when he was a kid?
B: Maybe he took baseball lessons or swimming lessons
J: Play with legos because he had a BUNCH of legos at his house
S: I still don't know

What's daddy's favorite song?
B: The one I was born to
J: Jeremiah was a bullfrog - {singing} deh deh deh!
S: I like to move it, move it! (include body wiggles)

Who is daddy's favorite superhero?
B: Superman
J: Tony Stark. So that's Ironman.
S: Spiderman and Ironman

What does daddy do for a job?
B: Poke needles into peoples arms
J: Donates blood

S: He goes and gets something on his arm. And puts a mask on just in case he's hot.

{he's a phlebotomist}


Fact: the Graham's never waste a potential play-in-the-sprinkler day.