"Cuz I'm a boy and my name's Jeremiah"

Jeremiah has really been coming out of his shy shell lately. With that, we've been enjoying so many wonderful 'Miah-isms'. Recently, his reasoning for most anything is "cuz I'm a boy and my name's Jeremiah". Some examples...

ME: Jeremiah, should we go outside and play in the snow?
Jeremiah: YEA!! Cuz I'm a boy and my name's Jeremiah.

ME: Ooh, let's wear your alien shirt today. I like that one.
Jeremiah: Yeah I want to wear the alien shirt! Cuz I'm a boy and my name's Jeremiah.

ME: Hmm...What should we have for a snack? Applesauce or carrots?
JEREMIAH: Applesauce. Cuz I'm a boy and my name's Jeremiah.

ME: Did you have fun playing legos during your quiet time?
JEREMIAH: Yep, cuz I'm a boy and my name's Jeremiah.

We love you bubby! You and all your adorable stories ;-).


Buffalo Princess

Our beautiful little firstborn is now five years old. And good at it ;-). I told her that it was her special day and she could do whatever she wants (within reason, of course). She is her father's child. She chose to eat her birthday dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Apparently they have the best coloring books. I think every birthday gets more and more fun to celebrate. She is such a joy. She truly is. She has always done such a loving job at making a birthday person feel loved. She, more than anyone, completely deserved to have this day to do what she wanted and get showered with gifts. (And yes, I even gave her the option of not taking her vitamin that day. She loved that idea and even offered to eat two the next day to make up for it.). Brooklyn, I'm so thankful for you. You continue to amaze me day after day. The love you show toward your siblings, your artisitic abilities, and the maturity you carry make me so proud. Love you, Doodle XOXO.

As part of her birthday celebration, we let her pick out a movie to rent. So we all got to watch Tinkerbell together. She was already infatuated with fairies, but this movie really sparked her interest. After watching it, she decided that she should catch one. Yes, catch a fairy. She sprinkled herself with 'fairy dust' (ie sparkly powder-y make-up from Auntie Kiki)...

...and set goldfish crackers outside as bait. That's right, fairy bait.

We have yet to see that fairy, but when she does choose to arrive, Brooklyn has an adorable little fairy house set up (inside her dollhouse) with plenty of goldfish crackers :-).


Could a Child Possibly Have More Energy Than This??

Oh Savannah...sweet sweet Savannah. One year old and no time to stand still. I am convinced that Brooklyn and Jeremiah never had nearly this much energy at this age. This girl just does not sit still. How could you sit still when you have two fun, energetic siblings chasing/tickling/playing peek-a-boo with you? What a wild little cutie. She's getting really good at the beginning sounds of words, though most things to her are "ck, ck, ck" as she points to it. She is a wonderful little snuggler and really likes her new 'ah ooh ah ooh" (monkey) and knows exactly how to use the word "no" (with a great big head shake!). Happy birthday little texas baby!