I'm Six Months Old!

Savannah is now 6 months old. She changes so much every single day! It's hard to keep up with her! She likes to get her hands on anything within reach (though she'll find a way to get to it even if it ISN'T in reach). She's rolling all over the place and just figured out how to say "ba ba".

Brooklyn and Jeremiah continue to pour all their love onto 'Baby Savannah' every day. They are a perfect example of wonderful, caring big siblings.

We have been truly blessed. What an amazing family we have!


Weekend in Wisconsin

We were able to go back to my parents' house in Wisconsin for the weekend to help give Bethany(my future sister-in-law) a baby shower. It's always fun for the kids to be able to see their grandparents. It was especially fun this time as we got to see Oma and Opa Lang (my mom's parents). They drove up from Missouri for the baby shower and were able to meet Savannah for the first time. Opa especially got some cute giggles out of Savannah over the weekend. It was really fun to see both of my grandparents getting to know the kids better!

The next door neighbor's little 'pond' is a popular place for the kids when we visit. They love tossing in the fish food and watching all the little goldfish come find it. This weekend, the neighbor's daughter was in town visiting and she brought her little dog. I'm so glad she captured a few pictures for us!

Our trips to Wisconsin usually involve nail polish with Auntie Kiki. This time, Kiki let Brooklyn put it on by herself (definitely a first!).

(Did I mention that Brooklyn gets to have slumber parties with Auntie Kiki??) As you can see, they have no fun at all ;-)

Jeremiah and Brooklyn spent a lot of time on this swing in the backyard. It was so cute to overhear them telling secrets, jumping off to give eachother pushes, and tons of giggles. They play so well together!

'Gonzo' is one of Brooklyn's favorite people. The two of them made sure to sneak next door to feed the goldfish one last time before we left.


A Little Sunshine

We just LOVE our afternoon playtime outside! It's such a highlight to our day. We've gone through chalk faster than I thought possible (and yes, the mural on the side of the house is from Jeremiah) and those Strider bikes never get a break. As long as the sun is out, so are we.

Savannah just couldn't get enough of that grass! I kept readjusting her on her blanket, but she'd find any way possible to snag a big handful of it. Hilarious!

Oh, The Blossoming Artist

To my surprise, Jeremiah has really taken an interest in art. I guess I'm just surpised because he has never had any interest in it before. If I ever did get him to sit down with a crayon, it lasted all of about 12 seconds (so completely opposite of Brooklyn!). Recently though, he's been so very content to grab a crayon and create his own masterpieces. It's amazing! He draws shapes (and even correctly identifies them), faces (with eyes, mouths, and hair even!), baseballs, dinosaurs, and even "robot heads". He really has done well with the "only on paper" rule, until last week. After cutting Mike's hair, we peeked around the corner into the hallway to find this...

Thank you, Jeremiah, for always keeping us on our toes :-).