Someone "losed" his first tooth

(and it only took 30 minutes of tears with a repetative "Please, mommy, PLEASE put it back in! PUT IT BACK IN!! I need my tooth back in right now! PLEEEEEEASE!" before he decided losing a tooth isn't really the worst thing in the world -- in fact he's sort of proud)  ;-)



Asher is at that hilarious copycat stage now where everything out of his mouth is just beyond adorable (and usually pretty funny - especially to the other kids!). Some of his latest 'asher-isms':

- One of his favorite books these days is Dr. Seuss' "A B C" book. When he wants to read it, he asks for "A A A".

- I was holding Asher while pouring cups of hot water on the sidewalk (trying to melt at least some of that thick ice before pouring salt on). After each cup full, Asher giggles hysterically. I say, "Is that funny, Asher"?. He says, "ha ha muffy (funny)"!

- We know how to play a good game of hide and seek at this house. Now that Asher joins in it sounds like this... *Asher squats down and covers his eyes* "two! two! two! two!" followed by him running around the house saying "ahhh you!!"

-  favorite drink = "wah-wo" (water)

- thanks to his new favorite snack, he is often asking "mo sashos"? (more pistachios)

- he often responds with "ohhh" -- eg. *Asher melting down, holding my leg, saying "MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!" ... (me) "sweetie, I'm right here" ... (Asher) "ohhhh"

- "nah-nee" = night night

- "bay bwee" = blankie

- If asked any sort of question, he'll often answer, "show (sure)" (Do you want to play outside? "show!" Should we get a snack? "show!" Will you hold this for Mama? "show!")

- "ashew" (rhymes with 'cashew'; sorta sounds like a sneeze) = Asher

- we like to play 'where is it'. I ask, "Asher, where's your car (or any toy)"? He starts walking around the room with his shoulders in a shrug, hands in the air, saying "hmmm hmmm"

- "yout" = you're out (from his favorite song, Take Me Out to the Ballgame)

- "han" = hands (this is how he tells us he wants to pray the Jonny Appleseed prayer while everyone holds hands around the table)