Playing catch-up

Three months since my last post?! Yikes! Well, y'all missed loads of fun so here's a recap of what our family has been up to since October...

Savannah dresses herself.


Jeremiah insists on pictures being taken of everything in his possession.
Lots of jammie parties.
Daddy ran a half marathon.
Asher kissed crawling goodbye and replaced that skill with running.
Savannah turned 3.
Asher mastered the art of peek-a-boo.
Jeremiah turned into a raspberry-finger monster.
Brooklyn turned 7.
I found three "mummies/zombies" in the back yard.
Christmas day came to an end with the worlds greatest slumber party on the air mattress.
Sibley Park lights in our jammies.
Christmas with the Grahams (how freakin' adorable are all those little cousins together?!?).
Christmas with the Piersons (where my little sister announced her engagement to Michael Starks!!)
PHEW! In case you were wondering, staying up-to-date on my blogging just so happens to be one of my resolutions this year ;-).