Splish Splash

I gave Asher a bath the other day. I love multi-tasking, so I was tidying up around the bathroom while he was in the tub by himself. I hear a trumpety noise bubbling up from the tub, followed by a belly laugh. Oh cute, Asher is already old enough to be entertained by his tub toots (sort of hilarious if you ask me). I kept him in view out of the corner of my eye while I continued cleaning around the bathroom. I see (again, out of the corner of my eye) him holding [what I can only assume to be] one of his tub toys. Then he reaches out to hand it to me. I look up and think, "oh crap........CRAP!!". Of course he's not holding his toys. Oh no, so much better. He has (one in each hand of course, because he's Asher) a turd. Oh yes, one fresh turd in each hand! And he's offering it to me. I can just hear his thoughts, "Hey mama, I have something for you. Never felt this before. It's warm...*examining it*... and sorta squishy. Want some?". Lucky for me, those two were not the only treasures of the bath. I got to scoop out two more that were aimlessly sailing in the water. Pretty sure that was the fastest tub cleaning I've ever performed.

Moral of the story: Never let an innocent tub toot go unnoticed.



Hi, I'm Asher and I'm ONE now! I'm 29.5" tall (44th percentile), weigh 25lbs (92nd percentile), and I never stop moving.

I taught myself to climb down the stairs backwards last week. It sorta freaked my mom out at first, but then she saw how good I am at it (and I am really good).

I love anything with wheels. I often carry a hotwheels car in each hand while crawling around the house. And if they get in the way of my hands, I just sit up and scoot on my tushy. There's no stopping me!  My biggest acheivement as of late is standing up in the middle of the room and balancing for a long time. I hear mama say words like "walk", but I'd much rather just stand here and clap for myself. It sure does make everyone smile and cheer. To add even more entertainment, I often say "hi" on repeat. I think it's so funny!

My very  favorite food is graham crackers. I don't understand why mommy won't let me just eat them (and only them) all the time! I'm pretty sure that's the only food I should ever be given. Mommy thinks my second favorite snack is something Grandpa Gordy introduced to me, but I promise I discovered it all on my own!

Can you guess what it is? That's right, rocks! Mmm rocks. You really should try them sometime. Just lick them. I do. All the time. Sometimes when I think mommy's not looking, I just pop a  little pebble in my mouth quick. Quite tasty.

I love being the baby of the family. My brother and sisters are always hugging on me and giving me kisses. They know how much I adore my blankie, so they like to play games like peek-a-boo with it. It makes me so happy! My blankie and thumb go hand in hand. Why wouldn't you want to suck your thumb while holding your blankie?? Especially in my mama's arms. Shhh...don't tell daddy, but mommy is sort of my favorite person. *mamas heart just melted*