"I don't want to go to school"

Our sweet little Jeremiah is officially in school. Today is his first day of preschool and he was not so thrilled about it (to say the least). We were all smiles right before hopping into the car (that smile sure makes this mamas heart melt)...

...but as we walked down the hallway, the "I don't want to go to school" started (oh those eyes!).

We found his hook where he'll be hanging his backpack and coat, talked about all the little boys who we're sure would love superheros just like him, all the great and wonderful things they would get to do. He wasn't buying it. "I don't want to go to school" was on repeat. Oh what a sweetie. I stayed with him for a few minutes to get him settled, soaked up the extra hugs and snuggles from my buddy, then left this tearful little boy in the arms of a wonderful teacher.

Jeremiah, we are so proud of how you've grown. Can't wait to pick you up this morning and hear all about your first day of school!


Schooooooool time!

Predictable schedules, early mornings (early bedtimes!), a little sibling seperation...ah yes. It's fall. First up is our little first grader. Seriously not even an ounce of hesitation or worry. She was SO ready for today.

These first couple of pictures were actually taken on tuesday when we had our conference with her teacher (also picture day). I've heard so many wonderful things about her, and am anxious to learn more. This teacher does one thing in particular that's a little different than most teachers in the school. Instead of having every student contribute several boxes/packages of "snack" to a community pile, she has each student bring their own snack. Every day. She does have a shelf designated for boxes of crackers if a student wants to just leave it there and take a handful every day, but she encourages them to bring something fresh and healthy instead. Thank goodness. There are far too many days when the "snack" provided is fruit snacks (or something similar). My daughter isn't a big eater, but are little sugar bites really going to tie her over until lunch? She very excitedly chose sliced apples for todays snack and we packed our own lunch (which we'll mostly do also).

One of Brooklyn's biggest excitements is having her own desk for the first time!! Oh and it gets even better. She has the luxury of sitting on a "learning tool" (most people outside the classroom call it an exercise ball ;-) ) instead of a chair. Holy giggles is she ever thrilled for that.

Our sweet little sponge for knowledge is already off to a fabulous start. I just might be counting the minutes on the ticking clock, waiting to hear all about her first day of first grade.