Birthday Hat

Taking a gorgeous day to test out a new hat that Uncle Beardy gave for her birthday. Conclusion: ridiculously adorable.


First Snowfall

Sorry, Texas, but we really (really) like our snow :-).




Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 - I give you (drum roll please)......

A tooth fairy (B)
Ironman (J)
A bumble bee (S)
Batman (A)





And the award goes to...

Well, she may not be winning any awards for paying attention in ballet class...


...but at least I don't have to question whether or not she's having a good time! Little social bug ;-)



Eager leader + eager learner = a happy couch.

"Jeremiah, it's time for your reading lesson"


Starks Wedding

 I definitely anticipated getting many more photos of my own kids during my sisters wedding weekend. It was all sort of a whirl wind, so I'm very anxious to see her photographer's photos.

The morning of the wedding, all the girls spent the morning at the salon. I thought it'd be fun for Brooklyn to come along too, even though she didn't have an appointment there. The salon had a little play corner with some toys and a mini styling station where you can do a mannequin's hair. Pretty adorable. Brooklyn loved it!

The girls wasted no time skipping around the church before the ceremony started.

Loving' on Uncle Jordan (my little brother) after the ceremony.


The whole weekend was just gorgeous! I can't wait to get a hold of some more photos to post!


Ballet: take two.

Savannah had her second day of ballet today. For the sake of time scheduling, we decided to move her into a different class. I watched her throughout this new class, and she appeared to be having just as much fun as her class last week. Totally loves it. As soon as class was done, I ask "So, was it just so much fun?!". "Mm-hm", she replied, "but I don't ev-oh (ever) want to go back to that class again. I don't like the goal (girl) with the blue teeth."

Note to self: Adorable, sweet, kind, happy, smiling tweens have a tendency to scare 3 yr olds when they have braces on their teeth.




Tiny Dancer

Day one at the Mankato Ballet Company.

As I watched this sweet girl dance in the studio today, three words came to mind.



First day of "school"

Couple of giddy kids on their first day of "school" (BSF).

"Wes hode hands, Sanny!" (let's hold hands, Savy)


First day of school

"Jeremiah, it's going to be SO fun! We get to walk to school together, I get to take you right to your class because mine is farther down the hall than you so I walk right by your class anyway. And we'll both have homework, and we get to bring lunches, and you'll get to see all your preschool friends at recess because ALL the classes have recess with everyone in the same grade as them. You'll get to see Elana too!! And your gym teacher is the same one I had last year. You're gonna love it, Jeremiah, I just know it. *big hug* I'm so glad we get to go to school together!"
The love that Brooklyn has for her little brother leaves me speechless.
Utterly melts my heart.