First day of school

"Jeremiah, it's going to be SO fun! We get to walk to school together, I get to take you right to your class because mine is farther down the hall than you so I walk right by your class anyway. And we'll both have homework, and we get to bring lunches, and you'll get to see all your preschool friends at recess because ALL the classes have recess with everyone in the same grade as them. You'll get to see Elana too!! And your gym teacher is the same one I had last year. You're gonna love it, Jeremiah, I just know it. *big hug* I'm so glad we get to go to school together!"
The love that Brooklyn has for her little brother leaves me speechless.
Utterly melts my heart.


  1. ....sigh......little tear......love these two so much! Warms my Grandma heart.