Red Day

This week (and next) Brooklyn's school is having a Celebration of Colors. As part of the celebration, many of the kindergarten classes are having a color-of-the-day. Today is RED day and I have to say that Brooklyn is pretty much the cutest little kindergartener ever!


Little Ash is 1 month old!

Happy one month birthday, Asher! You are growing like a weed, my dear. So glad the chiropractor was able to take away your pain so you can live a happy baby life without screams and spitting. We love you!


Oma and Opa Time

We were lucky enough to have Oma and Opa Graham over at our house recently. As usual, they were so much fun! They were so sweet to bring dinner to us and a very special Halloween dessert project for the kids. They turned out so cute! Here are their ghost and witch's hats cookies...

Meanwhile, Opa and Asher took a nice little cat nap on the couch :-)

While the frosting was drying, the girls got to have a fun story time with Oma...

...while Jeremiah glued himself to his chair repeatedly asking "Are they dry now? Are they dry now? Are they dry now?

Thanks for a fun afternoon, Oma and Opa!


Park Play with Grandma and Grandpa!

It was so beautiful today, we just had to take advantage of the nice weather. What better way than to meet grandma and grandpa at the park??

(ok, so this picture wasn't take at the park, but I couldn't resist the nakey pic I took of him right before bed :-) )


"No diap-o! Undies."

That's right. Our not-so-little-anymore Savannah is now potty trained (thanks to, well, herself). We got home from Oma and Opa's anniversary party and when I told Savannah it was time for a diaper change she said, "No diap-o! Undies". Seriously, Savannah?? Because I'm pretty sure I wasn't even planning to tackle that until Asher was a little older. He was born a week ago! Aren't you supposed to be regressing?? Nope, not her. She put her foot down. She wanted undies and has had nothing to do with diapers since that night. Way to go, sweet girl! We're so proud of you!