Looks Like The Tooth Fairy Is On Her Way

Not just one, but TWO loose teeth! Can you believe it? Both of her bottom middle teeth are loose and we're pretty sure at least one of them will be out before her 5th birthday. It has sparked many fun conversations lately about the tooth fairy and how big she might be, how in the world she'd get into our house, how she knows that the tooth has fallen out and is waiting under the pillow, if we could visit the tooth fairy, where she lives. Brooklyn's giddy at the thought that a cute little fairy would come visit her at her house.

We've been able to enjoy some amazing weather lately. Living right by this beautiful trail has been perfect for us. We are on it (or the sidewalks surrounding) at least once each day. It's such a quiet neighborhood. We love it! I captured some fun moments out in the yard while Mike was grilling today.

And guess who took seven steps today (two different times!) without anyone's hand! All this practice pushing toys will bring her closer and closer to saying goodbye to crawling all together. *tear*