Little Ash man

Don't you just want to smooch up those chubby little happy cheeks??


"A Splishy Splashy Vacation"

The fantastic six took a little winter vacation to Wisconsin Dells this past week. Mike had never been there at all and I had only been there during the summer months, so it was quite a treat for us to experience the winter Dells for the first time together with our cuties. We stayed 3 nights at the Great Wolf Lodge. It's such a fantastic place to take kids! Everything there is child-geared.

We stayed in the "Wolf Den" and it was just perfect. Aside from the Queen bed for Mike and I (and a pack-n-play for Asher), there was this little 'den' in the corner for the kids that had a set of bunk beds in it.

Super cute, isn't it? The big kids had the bunks and little Savs had a bed made up on the floor for her. My genius husband also brought along a sheet and a roll of duct tape (I mean, what CAN'T you make with duct tape, right??) to create their own little cave.

They had a blast in there! It was the coolest little fort during the day, and made for a pretty decent closed-door bedroom at night.

There was even a little 'tunnel' (so they made it) on the side that they managed to climb in and out of (even though it was over 2 feet about the floor).

It was so fun to spend so much time in the water in the middle of December!

While the big kids were enjoying the water, Asher slept. And slept, and slept, and slept....

And when he wasn't sleeping, he enjoyed learning to use his little fingers by grabbing onto daddy's string.

The hotel had an amazing 'pajama story time' every night at 8pm. There was a two story tall presentation with talking animals and all. Afterwards, all the kids sang a couple Christmas carols (completely with real snow in the lobby during the song "Let it Snow"!).

The second night we were there, we went to a really fun restaurant down the street from the hotel called Buffalo Phil's. For one thing, it was HUGE. We didn't even get a chance to see most of the activities at one end of the restaurant (bounce houses, bull rides, bowling, and 4D movies theater to name a few). We did, however, get our food delivered to us by train! Jeremiah loved watching that train so much that he didn't eat hardly a single bite of his dinner. Too cute.

During our stay, we were lucky enough to get a visit from Santa. The kids were so cute sitting up on his "yap" (lap) and Savannah was determined to not get any closer than a hand wave.

I'm thinking this should be an annual trip :-).


Woohoo!! first 'real' snowfall!

After a successful Christmas photo this afternoon, the kids got their chance to bundle up and throw a few snowballs. They had so much fun!

Of course Savannah was much more interested in eating the snow.

Brooklyn taught Savannah how to make snow angels.

Mmmmm nothing like a big mouthful of (hopefully not yellow) snow!

Sorry, Ash. You'll have to join in the cold weather fun when you're just a tad older.