Splish Splash

I gave Asher a bath the other day. I love multi-tasking, so I was tidying up around the bathroom while he was in the tub by himself. I hear a trumpety noise bubbling up from the tub, followed by a belly laugh. Oh cute, Asher is already old enough to be entertained by his tub toots (sort of hilarious if you ask me). I kept him in view out of the corner of my eye while I continued cleaning around the bathroom. I see (again, out of the corner of my eye) him holding [what I can only assume to be] one of his tub toys. Then he reaches out to hand it to me. I look up and think, "oh crap........CRAP!!". Of course he's not holding his toys. Oh no, so much better. He has (one in each hand of course, because he's Asher) a turd. Oh yes, one fresh turd in each hand! And he's offering it to me. I can just hear his thoughts, "Hey mama, I have something for you. Never felt this before. It's warm...*examining it*... and sorta squishy. Want some?". Lucky for me, those two were not the only treasures of the bath. I got to scoop out two more that were aimlessly sailing in the water. Pretty sure that was the fastest tub cleaning I've ever performed.

Moral of the story: Never let an innocent tub toot go unnoticed.



  2. I can't stop laughing & crying

  3. I totally remember Paul doing that! Ahh..what Moms remember!