Oh, The Blossoming Artist

To my surprise, Jeremiah has really taken an interest in art. I guess I'm just surpised because he has never had any interest in it before. If I ever did get him to sit down with a crayon, it lasted all of about 12 seconds (so completely opposite of Brooklyn!). Recently though, he's been so very content to grab a crayon and create his own masterpieces. It's amazing! He draws shapes (and even correctly identifies them), faces (with eyes, mouths, and hair even!), baseballs, dinosaurs, and even "robot heads". He really has done well with the "only on paper" rule, until last week. After cutting Mike's hair, we peeked around the corner into the hallway to find this...

Thank you, Jeremiah, for always keeping us on our toes :-).


  1. Ah, Magic Eraser is your friend. I have so many of these marks, I get tired of trying to keep up. I think they just need a little mark of their existence.

  2. Yes Kelly, I love my Magic Erasers :-).