So Many New Things!

I feel like the Graham house has skipped time. In just a matter of days, Savannah learned to sit all by herself (what a big girl!), Brooklyn now sports a new 'do' (she looks so much older to me!), and Brooklyn and Jeremiah are both riding two-wheelers. My oh my!

At first, I was counting the seconds that Savannah was sitting before falling over, but I started losing track somewhere after 3 min. She's a pro!

It was definitely haircut time. Jeremiah was starting to 'sprout' in back (doesn't he look so handsome??)

and Brooklyn was due for a trim. After I informed Brooklyn that a shorter cut would keep knots and tangles away, she said "let's cut it NOW!". So, off it went yesterday. About 6 inches, that is! She kept saying, "I look JUST like Auntie Stephanie, don't you think, mom? When it's dwy, can we cuwl(curl) it just like Auntie Stephanie does?". After waking up this morning, she was THRILLED (to say the least) that her hair 'cuwled' all by itself and looks 'just like Auntie Stephanie'. What a little beauty.

I read about these Strider Bikes online not long ago. They are amazing! I read through Strider Sports' website, watched some videos of them in action, and was sold. So we ordered one for Brooklyn and Jeremiah. Unbelievable! After only a day on it, I'm convinced Brooklyn could now ride a bigger two-wheeler (with pedals). She's always been so hesitant on her training-wheeled bike, but the low height on the Strider is just perfect for her! Jeremiah is also getting faster and faster each day. I just love them!

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  1. Her haircut is just darling! And I think it makes her look more like her dad, which must mean more like me than too :). She is so sweet, tell her that I hope my hair will look like hers!