Already 5 months old

At the rate that Savannah is moving, I think she'll be walking sooner than she'll be crawling. She never stops! Even when she's nursing, I think she's trying to 'spring' off whatever her feet may be touching (arm of the couch, someone's lap sitting next to me...). What a strong, quickly-growning child. Still holding her spot at the 100th percentile, she's 26.25" tall and weighs 18lbs. Living out of boxes is kind of working in my favor with her. She's growing out of her clothes faster than I can pull out the bigger sizes! Even through sleepless nights of teething, she has a hard time break her smile. We are unbelievably blessed with such a cheerful child.

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  1. LOOOOOOOVE her! Could her eyes be any cuter? Totally enjoyed the hilarious Easter sequence pictures too. I believe my mom has a pretty good Easter series of Mike, Nate, and me also...