Easter 2010

How crazy to think that a year ago we were celebrating Easter in Texas, starting a new journey down there. Though we loved the time we spent down south, we are truly grateful to be back in Minnesota with our family. And just in time for Easter! We spent the weekend out on the lake, watching the little cousins play so well together (minues half of little Pipey's energy :-( ) and breathing in the crisp Minnesota air (yes, I have become quite the weather nerd. I just can't get enough of Minnesota...it's all I can talk about!).

Brooklyn got to have her favorite kind of quiet time (coloring with grandma and grandpa).

(Jeremiah even got to join in on some of the fun)

Cute as ever, our girly girl Savannah sporting her new dress from grandma Joyce (thanks mom!)

My attempts at getting a group shot of our favorite monkeys...

"Seriously, mom. How many more are you gonna take??"

"Mommy, I just licked baby Savannah's hair"

"It didn't taste BEH-wee(very) good"

"I think there's something in my mouth still"

I was a little curious to see how the kids would handle packing up again for a weekend stay away, considering we just moved across the country only days before. Of course they were wonderful though, completely in their element.

(And completely worn out!)

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