Pre-Father's Day Interview

I wanted to see just how well our kids knew their daddy. So, I sat them down (individually, of course. I didn't want one answer to feed off another's answer) and asked them a few questions about Mike. Here's what I got:


Father's Day Interview with Brooklyn, Jeremiah, and Savannah

How old is daddy?
B: Thirty-two and a half (that' s what daddy told me, but I think he's wrong, because isn't he 33 already??)
J: Twenty-five three or twenty-five twenty. He told us, but I can't remember.

S: Two and a half
How tall is daddy?
B: Oh man...I wanna measure. I would say about 15 of my feet tall.
J: 16 crayons tall
S: Ummm up to this (hand stretched up as tall as she can)

What color are daddy's eyes?
B: Brown
J: Blue
S: Blue

What color is daddy's hair?
B: Brown
J: Brown. I mean black.
S: Black

What is daddy's favorite food?
B: Food from the grill and nachos
J: Chips
S: Carrots and dip {actually, Savannah's favorite food}

What is daddys favorite drink?
B: Coconut milk
J: Daddy juice {whiskey}
S: Water and daddy juice

What do you think is daddy's favorite thing to do?
B: Be with this family
J: Play baseball with me
S: Pwobly work at his office

What makes daddy happy?
B: Being with this family
J: Rice Crispy bars {can't actually remember the last time Mike had a Rice Crispy bar. They are not his favorite ;-) }
S: Going to work by himself

What makes daddy sad?
B: Disobeying him
J: Disobeying
S: When mommy's sick

What is daddy really good at?
B: Juggling and running
J: Running
S: Going to work

My favorite thing to do with daddy is...
B: Be with him with nobody else. Just a little me and daddy time.
J: Look at legos
S: Watching a movie in the garage

It makes daddy happy when I...
B: Help him
J: Obey him
S: Play a Brooklyn game {any of our board games}

Daddy likes to wear...
B: His pajamas and scrubs
J: Baseball clothes
S: His work clothes so he can work

What did daddy do when he was a kid?
B: Maybe he took baseball lessons or swimming lessons
J: Play with legos because he had a BUNCH of legos at his house
S: I still don't know

What's daddy's favorite song?
B: The one I was born to
J: Jeremiah was a bullfrog - {singing} deh deh deh!
S: I like to move it, move it! (include body wiggles)

Who is daddy's favorite superhero?
B: Superman
J: Tony Stark. So that's Ironman.
S: Spiderman and Ironman

What does daddy do for a job?
B: Poke needles into peoples arms
J: Donates blood

S: He goes and gets something on his arm. And puts a mask on just in case he's hot.

{he's a phlebotomist}


  1. Love, love, love these kids! Thanks, Jill!!!

  2. Dead funny! I have been asking Hadley & Piper similar Father's Day questions for 3 years now, but I just got some good ones from your interview to ask them quick for today! HILARIOUS answers from all 3 of your kiddos :)