"It Was Really Silly"

Brooklyn had her 4 year well child check up today. I was impressed with how thorough her pediatrician and the nurses were. After what I would think is the routine part of the exam, they had her look at a chart from down the hall to test her eye sight(though we obviously prefer Uncle Nathan ;-) ), they tested her hearing, and even had her give a urine sample. Brooklyn had to call Daddy after that appointment to say (through her giggles), "Daddy, I go'ed potty in a cup! It was really silly".

She's getting so tall (I'm curious to see how her height compares to her cousin, Hadley). She's 38.5", which puts her in the 25th percentile (yep, not much like her sister) and 33lbs, putting her at around the 30th percentile. She'll often tell us out of the blue, "I have a little Steck in me". She's right. She hasn't made it above the 25th percentile yet. I don't think she'll be a tall girl.

We're so proud of the beautiful little girl she has become. She's such a blessing to everyone!

I looked back at my baby book and had Carolyn looked at Mikes. We didn't have records of us at age 4, but these are our closest comparisons:

Mike (age 3)- 36" tall, 29lbs
(age 5.5)- 41.75" tall, 38lbs

Me (age 2.5)- 36.75" tall, 36lbs (Holy cow!!)


  1. CUTE, Jill!!! Noah had his 2 1/2 year check last week. Our ped look at his height and said "where are the short genes coming from?" Ha! Grandma LeAnne got the blame. Hehe!

  2. I'm curious to see what my measurements where at 4 :)

  3. Sorry, Jill, my computer has been dumb the last few days, I am only now seeing your blog! Hadley was almost 39 inches at her 3 year appointment (putting her near the 90%ile) and 30 lbs. I think my Steck genes may have been smushed down a little by the Andersons...