Jeremiah turns 3!!

Wasn't it just yesterday that little Jeremiah was learning to 'scoot'? What a sweet boy he's turned into. This year, his birthday fell right around the weekend that the Grahams had their annual get-together on the lake. It was a perfect way to celebrate him, running around with his cousins, hanging out on the pontoon, and many hours in the pool. I went completely outside of my culinary boundaries this year and baked/decorated a dinosaur cake for him. He LOVES dinosaurs, so I was so excited to give this a try. Considering that I once made a 2 year old throw up at Brooklyn's party from homemade frosting (if you could even call it frosting), to me this was a success.

I really wish I would have recorded Jeremiah's reaction when he opened up his Twins hat. Oh my word! He's typically a happy boy, but he sure was excited to see a hat just like daddy's that fit him! (Thank you Oma and Opa Steck!)

He's also made very good use out of his very own lawn mower. So cute!

It's so nice to have "the big boat" for us all to enjoy together (thanks Gordy and Carolyn!). Jeremiah often asks "Can we go on da big boat?". He even ventured into the lake this year. Boy, did he think that was fun!

It's always fun when the cousins get together. I love watching how much more they interact with eachother every time we get together. Each of them is becoming just a little more mobile and a their vocabulary is expanding so fast! I think Jeremiah was expecially enamored of Piper ("Pipey" to him). I'm so glad Stephanie had her camera on her while they were running around the backyard together.

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  1. GREAT pics! I just had to redo my background, maybe yours needs it too? I can't read any of your nice words? Something is goofy with 'the cutest blogs on the block' other people are having trouble with it too.