Happy Half Birthday, Ash-Man!

I guess I should probably look through all the other kids' baby books before I say this, but I'm pretty sure Asher is our biggest 6 month old. He had his well baby checkup yesterday and here are his measurements (drum roll please)...

27" long (65th percentile)
20lbs 13 ounces (94th percentile)!

Oh my. Looks like mamas buttermilk is working just fine (he hasn't even started solids yet). Impressive, Asher. Very impressive.

Our little buddy loves scooting himself around the house by pushing backwards on his tummy and rolling everywhere. He's becoming quite the imitator (especially with his cute little tongue), grabs at everything even remotely within reach, outgrew his infant car seat (guess that was an obvious), wears size 18-24mo clothing, sleeps great through the night, cut his first tooth last wednesday, and finds his biggest gut laughs from watching his brother and sisters.

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