Wow, that was fast!

Nine months ago we sent Brookie-do off to her first day of kindergarten...

and this morning was her last. I should also note that she is sporting her favorite 'do'. Not piggy tails, not pony tails..."oinkers". Uh-huh. Oinkers. Oh Brookie, you crack us up.

As of 2:40pm today, we will be parents of a 1st grader. Yikes! We are exceptionally proud of how Brooklyn has grown during this past school year. Much thanks to her amazing teacher, Mrs. Wettergren.

It was an awesome school year full of tying her own shoes, making many friends, whizzing through math, reading everything she can get her eyes on, and countless (truly - COUNTLESS!) art projects. We are all beyond excited to have her home all to ourselves every day though. Here's to a sunny summer!

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