Productive weekend with the P's

(Pierson's, that is)

While Mike was out in Boston, we got to have my parents here for a few days (yay!). After reading My Lucky Day (by Keiko Kasza) two dozen times, Time for Bed (by Mem Fox) four dozen times, stopping at Sam's Club (where Grandma and Grandpa bought everyone a new book of their choice -so, so fun!), and giving myself an awesome cut on my pinky that almost sent me to urgent care, we still managed to have time for my dad to build Brooklyn a lofted bed for her American Girl doll...

get an unexpected visit from my brother...
put up a second set of bunk beds (thanks to my parents!)...
(while being lulled into a trance by Eric's sweet guitar skills)

make a trip to the pet store to check out all the fuzzy (and not-so-fuzzy) critters...
(while Savy says "I don't wanna smile")


and get kisses from  a random 'customer'.
PHEW! All in 52 hours!
(Just think of the shenanigans we could get into if they stayed another night!)

1 comment:

  1. That was a total blast !!!
    Let's do it again, soon !!!
    Grandpa Robin