Memorial Day

Everyone needs a little one-on-one time. In a family of six, those times are sometimes fewer and further between than we'd like. Enter...grandma and grandpa! Gosh, how lucky are we that (although we wish we see them more) we have grandparents who call to say "we want to take Savannah on a date!" (and of course the other kids get their turns too). Sometimes their dates involve parks, sometimes a little mall shopping, sometimes pontoon rides to Westwood (restaurant on the lake they live on), sometimes just some awesome playtime at their house. Regardless, grandparent date days are much looked forward to (and usually leave the other siblings at home saying "how many days until my date??)

Alas, it was Savannah's turn.

9:00am couldn't come fast enough for this little girl. So, as patient as can be, she sat. Waiting on the front step with backpack on and a grin no one could wipe off, she waited (with the help of Brooklyn who invited her to a game of tic-tac-toe to 'pass the time more quickly').

Meanwhile, back at the Graham homestead, Asher insisted on having his picture taken just like his sister (wearing his jammies exactly the way he woke up with them on -- inching away with a "no no no" every time I tried to fix his sleeve).

And although we were stuck inside most the day because of the rain (I know, I know, everyone always seems to have an excuse to whine about weather! ;-) ), thankfully this cabin fever-filled mama and her bunch were able to sprint around outside for just a bit before bed while the rain finally let up. *huge sigh of relief*


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