The kids got their first real taste of trick-or-treating tonight. We started at our friends Kathy and Suresh's house, then made our way up and down their block. You can see in the pictures that Jeremiah missed his nap today. He was in a daze a lot of the evening. We had so much fun! Brooklyn put her own costume together. She was a fairy princess (thoroughly loving every minute of it) who got to wear make up outside of the house for the first time. Jeremiah is actually wearing a clown costume that my mom made for me when I was his age (how fun!).

Our church has a Fall Festival every year on Halloween night that gets quite the turn out. Typically, around 20,000-25,000 people attend. They had dozens of bounce houses, blow up slides, 'carnival' games, and more candy than the kids will ever eat! By 7:00pm when we got there, Jeremiah was pretty exhausted, so he stayed close by me for the most part.

Brooklyn, on the other hand, suddenly got a big second wind of energy and tried just about every 'ride' in the preschool corner (more than once!).

...As Jeremiah almost fell asleep standing up.

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