Old MacDonalds

I recently joined the Carrollton Early Childhood PTA. So far we've only been to a couple play dates, but the kids and I really enjoy it. It's helped us get out and meet some more stay-at-home moms and kids their age. Yesterday, Brooklyn's play group met at Mcdonalds (Jeremiah calls it "Old MacDonalds and sings E-I-E-I-O whenever he hears "McDonalds") to play in their play area. Brooklyn is a fantastic climber and can easily maze her way through the tunnels and slides. This play area is huge! I get lost just looking from the outside. She has a blast. Typically, Jeremiah is Brooklyn's little shadow wherever she goes, but today he stayed pretty close by me instead of venturing in. I saw him crawl into the opening, assuming he'd sit there a minute and climb right back out (he's a little frightened still), but within minutes I hear, "MAAAMAAA! MAAMAA!" amid lots of tears. I frantically circled my way around the play area trying to figure out where his cries were coming from. He had managed to crawl halfway across this maze and end up at the top of a (not so small) tunnel slide. So I sent Brooklyn back through to see if she could coax him down while I yelled up the tunnel, "Jeremiah, Mommy's right here. Come on down buddy, I'll catch you". He was not going to have that. So, 39 week pregnant mama climbed UP this long, curly tunnel slide to rescue him. I kind of wish there was a camera around. I could have SWORN I would end up in labor after that adventure. Nope, still preggo and Jeremiah never went back in :-).


  1. You are the best honey! I love it :) I can't wait to read more. Love you,


  2. Great story! Thanks for sharing the pictures, too. Also love the Halloween pics!
    Love you!