First Day Home

What a fun morning it's been here. The kids and I stayed home and attempted to get some sort of routine down. I need to establish Savannah's feeding schedule before we have the slightest clue of what 'routine' means. She is such a content baby. The few times I've heard anything resembling a cry is during a few diaper changes. Otherwise, her big bright eyes are scanning the room trying to make sense of all the noise coming from two toddlers.

We've enjoyed the soft Boppy cover from Stephanie (thanks!). Savannah loves being propped up in this so she can get a better view around her. I can't seem to get enough adorable pictures of her little yawns. She has already developed her own personality quite well. So far, she's only nursing about every 3-4 hours. That is a big change from the last newborn I nursed. Jeremiah was feeding every 2 hours around the clock for his first two months of life. I hear this is a common difference between a 6lb 11oz baby and 9lb 12oz baby. So far the theory that bigger babies are more content and sleep more seems to hold true. Though I won't write off the chance that this just may be her personality and have nothing to do with her size.

I am really loving my cloth diapers on her. Jeremiah was closer to 9 months before I started him in cloth. These little diapers and covers are SO teeny and such a breeze! Cloth diapering couldn't be easier. Savannah still isn't a fan of any kind of diaper change. I'll admit that I've partially undressed her a few times just to be reminded that she does have a set of lungs. I just love her little wails! She calms instantly when she's swaddled back up afterwards. We could not be any more blessed to have the children that we do.

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