First Doctor's Appointment

Savannah had her first doctor's appointment this morning. She's 9 days old today. They wanted to see her one week after being discharged from the hospital so they could check her bilirubin levels and listen to her heart (she was born with a heart murmur). Her bloodwork came back clear and she has outgrown her heart murmur (praise God!). She weighed in at 9lb 8oz (4oz less than her birth weight), putting her in the 91st percentile! They took her length and I could not believe that she has grown a half an inch already! She is 22in long, putting her in the 98th percentile. I shouldn't be too surprised since my side of the family is all tall, but it still amazes me since Brooklyn and Jeremiah have always been on the petite side (especially in length). Her newborn diapers (cloth) only fit for the first week. She now wears flats. And today I need to pull the next size up of her clothes from the garage. She definitely skipped over newborn size clothing and only a few of her 0-3 month clothing fit her. She really doesn't even have any rolls, but is so long that the shoulders of her little outfits are pulled off, her little chest shows, and the sleeves barely reach her wrists. I'm anxious to see if she continues to stay a tall child from the Lang genes or if more of the Steck genes stay in her :-).


  1. Hehe - big babies are fun. I actually had to send Georgi back to the nursery the first time she came back to us because they had put her in a newborn diaper! Hello 10 1/2 babies don't fit in newborn diapers or clothes. Georgi is 9 weeks today and is in 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers! And sleeping 8 hours like a champ.

    Oh, Noah also had a heart murmur - it is also gone.
    Glad you are well. I hope I get to see all of you over christmas.

  2. She looks so adorable - glad things are going so well:)