'Little' Savy

Savannah is now 4 months old. It's hard to believe how many new things she learns every day. She has such an outgoing personality, most always content. More often than not, she plants a huge smile across her face, but has decided to not like trains all that well (sorry, Jeremiah). As soon as their horn lets out (in her defense, it is a loud horn!), so does her lower lip (and of course, some tears).
Savannah has now...
-Rolled over for the first time
-Started sitting so far forward in her swing that she probably shouldn't even be sitting in it anymore
-Learned how to cry
-Figured out how to keep herself upright in the exersaucer at the gym
-Begun to LOVE swinging at the park
-Completely fallen in love with Brooklyn and Jeremiah
-Decided to loathe her Bumbo
-Spit bubbles on everything (everything!)
-Made efforts to get anything within reach into her mouth
-Managed to stay in the 100th percentile in height and weight

She weighs 16lbs 12oz and is 26" tall. While Mike was gone, I switched her over to 6-9 month clothing, and now some of THOSE clothes are too short for her. Yep, she's officially a Pierson.

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