Merry Christmas from the Grahams

Christmas Eve 2010
Life is quite fast. With children at the ages of five, three, and one, life feels as if it moves at light speed for Jill and myself. That’s why today is such a wonderful day to relax and celebrate Jesus together. No responsibilities of work or otherwise, and no real agenda beyond spending time together as we praise our Lord for the most amazing gift of all time – salvation through Christ.
This morning, we enjoyed watching a new layer of Minnesota’s beautiful white fluffy snow fall onto our yard while it seemingly begged us to play in it. Today can officially be a pajama party as even after our morning showers we climbed right back into our “cozy” pajamas as the kids would say. We even made puppy chow while listening to Christmas music.
A little recap (written by Jill) on the wild year of 2010 for the members of the Graham Family:
Brooklyn has grown into such a beautiful little girl. She started preschool this year and enjoys it so much. She has a wonderful teacher and a classroom full of friends (one of which she has already asked to marry her). What a cutie. She lost two teeth this fall, can’t seem to stop writing her numbers and letters, and is taking large steps towards reading on her own. Oh how I wish I could sometimes freeze time, if only for a moment, to enjoy all these milestones for just a little longer. Her latest endeavor is quite the project. Completely infatuated with fairies, she is bound and determined to catch one. That’s right, she plans to catch a fairy of her own. In fact, she has been collecting very specific items that she will use to build a fairy house (complete with peppermints and graham crackers so as not to let that poor fairy go hungry). We adore watching her amazing imagination continue to grow.
Jeremiah is all boy. Who would have known that anything from straws or spoons to toy screwdrivers could be “pew-ers” (aka guns that he accompanies with the sound affect “pew pew”)? He has a love for “fido fightow twuts” (firefighter trucks) and pirates. He will point out a “ladder” in almost anything (typically mommy’s legs when she’s reading books on the floor with her feet up on the couch) which often turns him into a firefighter, climbing up and down the ‘ladder’. When he’s not a firefighter, he’s a pirate. Apparently, stems from artificial flowers make perfect swords! Our quiet little daydreamer has such a creative little mind.
Savannah is packed full of so much energy. She is strong-willed and very determined. She even knows how to throw a terrific tantrum. What a blessing she is. She’s running everywhere, learning more and more sounds each week, and utilizing her baby signs. Her favorite: “mo” (more). She loves dancing circles around the living room while listening to music, and will drop anything she’s doing to bring us “buh” (books) and snuggle in our lap for a good story.
Jill likes to have projects to work on in her “spare” time (though she’s not always sure she even remembers the meaning of “spare time”). From sock monkeys and curtains, to tutus and super hero capes, she has grown quite fond of her sewing machine. The better part of her days is spent having the best dance parties with her favorite little people, building forts, riding bikes, taking walks, and now playing in our backyard winter wonderland. God has truly blessed this family with three amazing children!
Mike – In 2010 I lived in three different states and at four different addresses. Change has been my only constant and I am learning and growing because of it. My adventures, mistakes, and experiences have taught me more than I can ask for – I only hope and pray that I use them as a stepping stone to mature from. I have been writing quite a bit this year and believe it has helped me grow from my experiences.
Today I am so happy to have my four favorite people in my life every single day. I praise you Lord Jesus for Jill, Brooklyn, Jeremiah, Savannah, and for everybody who reads this letter. God, please bless all who read this with the desire to know you more and with a delightful Christmas Holiday.
Merry Merry Christmas,
Michael, Jill, Brooklyn, Jeremiah, and Savannah Graham

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