Dear Snow: We missed You!!

Don't get me wrong, we absolutely loved being spoiled by the sun while we were in Texas, but clearly we missed the snow. There is no doubt we are a Minnesota family. For some, these last couple of snow falls (blizzards!) were something to be avoided, but for a mommy who has no place she needs to be...this was a winter wonderland! Brooklyn loves to help me shovel, Jeremiah could spend hours tracing the paths he makes that lead to his homemade slides, and Savannah actually enjoys all the snow so much more than I thought a 1 yr old would. She does her best to keep up with her brother and sister, despite all the face plants in the snow that she gets along the way. It's so fun to see all three of them playing together. We are such fortunate parents in so many ways.


  1. SO sweet! I hope the weather is 'warm' enough over New Year's so we can get the kids out together :) Hadley loves it like your kids, but Pipey is still not so sure, hehe.

  2. LOVE this!! So glad you take time to share!!!

  3. Stephanie, we should all plan to bring the kids' snow gear no matter what. I'd love to see them out in it together, even if just for a little bit. How fun will that be for them?! Can't wait to see you guys!