The much-desired Bubble Gun

Jeremiah, Savannah and I were running errands recently and got the pleasure of meeting Grandma at Target (so fun!). We were sort of buying some time until Grandma got there so to keep him entertained, I let Jeremiah hold this big bubble gun in the cart while we walked around. Boy did he fall in love with that quickly! 10 minutes later, he was describing (in great detail) every inch of it to Grandma. So, of course by the time we decide to put the gun away and head home, Grandma offeres to buy it for him. He was ecstatic! I should probably mention that this thing shoots only colored bubbles, so I told Jeremiah that we could only use it in the bathtub until it gets warmer outside. And this is what we ended up with...

Oh my word!! That was the bluest water I've ever seen! We took drippings from the gun and had a little fun with it :-). Needless to say, we got to take a second bath that day. It took a little scrubbing to get all the blue off. Haha! Thanks so much for a really fun bath, Grandma! :-)

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