Ahh the bliss of summer

I have to admit that I've finally reached the point in parenting (maybe it's the number of children??) that I've started doing a much poorer job of picture taking. Well, enough's enough. Now that I'm 'just' a mom and no longer a daycare provider, I'm back at it.

We've been soaking up every ounce of sun there is out there lately. We are so lucky to have kids that want only to be outside. Now that we purchased a lawn hose (we haven't even had a place to hook one up at our many previous homes, so this is a treat!), we've been making great use of our NEMO sprinkler! Here are a few pictures of our fun today :-).

"I think I'm so stinkin' cute because I'd rather make all kinds of faces than smile for a camera"

"turn your back for one second, mom. I promise I'll find something to get into (literally)"

Yes, that's Jeremiah hiking up his shorts that seem to continually fall down while Savannah - so eager to be like her big brother and sister - is trying to jump over the sprinkler.

Brooklyn simply can not hold back her excitement as she's on her way to dump that cup of nice cold hose water on daddy's toes.

How on earth did we get so lucky?? :-)


  1. SO sweet! Can't wait to play together!!! And darling choice of matching sister suits :)

  2. I just love polka dots!!! If I had a girl she would look like a leopard every day. Your children look very happy. : D