First day of Kindergarten

Today is the day. The day Brooklyn has been counting down to. "My favorite day EVER!" (according to her, before she had even attended it). She has shown nothing but excitement for weeks and weeks. Gosh, I just can't believe she's there! I already know that I will strongly dislike empty-nesting in 18 years. Here's our little cutie this morning before we walked (or should I say, scootered) to school.

Can't wait to hear about your day, Brookie! I'll be watching the printout of your class' daily schedule all day (no really, I will). Love you, Brookie-do!


  1. Wow! Kindergarten already! That's really exciting!

  2. How was the day? A big success I'm sure! I loved teaching kindergarten for the FIRST true day of school. Nothing like it. Some start with tears and apprehensions while others start with pure joy and excitement. Whichever way the day started we ended as a class...ready to take on the year and world! SOOO FUN!