Savs has a new look


Savannah is now a full-times glasses wearer! A few weeks ago, Mike and I noticed her left eye turning in (while her right eye was looking straight forward). We thought it was a little advanced for her to knowingly cross only one eye, so we made a point to watch her closely over the next few days. Sure enough, as each day went by, it was more and more apparent. Fortunately for Savannah, her Uncle Nathan (Mikes brother) is an optometrist so we mentioned the eye-crossing to him. He suggested we bring her in for an exam.

She sat so still while Uncle Nathan checked out her eyes. She even let the nurse put the drops in to dilate them. What a big girl! After a very thorough exam, Savannah is now prescribed glasses for severe hyperopia (farsightedness) and strabismus (the eye-turn in her left eye). The prescription in her right eye is +7.50 and the prescription in her left eye is +9.50. So far, she is doing a wonderful job of keeping them on! It didn't take her too long to decide that she likes seeing the world through her glasses as opposed to without them. She even woke up in the middle of the night last night (for some good snuggles :-) ) and the first thing she asked for was her glasses! Well of course Savannah, if you need to tell mommy about the bad dream you had, you have every right to see mommy while you're doing that :-).

I found this visual simulator online. It allows you to see through the eyes of a +9 which is almost as high as one of Savannah's eyes, but gives a general idea of what she sees without her glasses. Just click here.

We think she looks absolutely adorable. This little beauty was made to wear glasses!


  1. I am so glad she has them and can now discover the world all over again with clear vision! Gorgeous, sweet baby!

  2. I just checked out that link! How in the world was she not hitting her head on everything? She looks adorable!

  3. well at least she didn't have to wear a patch like i did when i was in grade school! she's a beauty! all your children are! Andrea is almost done with optometry school. she's doing her internships now. blessings!