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I'm not really sure how, in all the years we lived in Mankato, we never ventured over to Saint Peter's Creative Play Place (in the community center). Now that we are practically down the block from there, we've worn ourselves out on many chilly/rainy/snowy mornings in this (teeny little) wonderland. I just love that the kids are encouraged to rearrange anything they want in the room, grab any art supply their little heart desires, and run with their imagination. And the best part? It's FREE! I do sorta like that word.

This is the first room we see when we walk in - the baby room. Lots of infant and toddler-friendly toys. No chokeables. They also have a couple shelves full of snacks for the kids, coffee and tea for the parents, and juice if you want. All free, of course (though donations are always welcome).

Here's a quick scan from right to left (from my view in the castle).

This is under the castle (and Savannah's favorite).

Ash-man in the baby room (with Auntie Heidi's feet behind him ;-) )

Savy Lu Lu (with cousin Audrey peeking from behind)

Mr. Miah at the sensory table

...and fully equipped as a "fido fido" (fire fighter ;-) ).

And Brookie-do in what clearly is the most fitting place for her in the room (top of the castle, near the throne and all the dress-up clothes? Yes, that'd be it)

Yes, yes fun for all. The only sad part about this place is the minute mom says it's time to go home. We like it here :-).

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