"wiff no drops-es in my eyes!"

This is how my conversations with Savannah looked during the days leading up to her most recent eye appt:

ME: What are we doing on Thursday? Are we going to see Uncle Nathan?
S: Yeah, wiff no drops-es in my eyes! I so uh-SITE-ed!! *bouncing up and down with a huge smile*

Enter that short conversation on repeat and you have Savannah for 72 hours straight. This was the first eye checkup she had that didn't involve her getting her eyes dilated. And it made all the difference in the world! She was still hesitant about putting her chin up on "dat big fing" (where Nathan could take a look at her lenses). With the help of a few fruit snacks and the promise of a green sucker from the nurse, she finally did let him take a look. She really did great overall. It wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did had Katie not offered to take the boys though (thanks Katie!).

Boy did she ever soak up her special time with just mommy and daddy. Daddy got to read her a little story in the lobby before we were called into Nathan's office.

We were so pleased with the results! Over the last 3 months, we have been patching her right eye for 3 hours/day in order to strengthen her left eye. In just these short 3 months, her left eye has improved enough that we now only have to patch 2 hours/day! Wooohoo!!! This improvement also means that Nathan does not have to refer us to a pediatric opthomologist in the Cities. Obviously, we'd do anything we need to in order to give Savannah the best eye sight possible, but we sure do love having Uncle Nay Nay as our primary optometrist. So, all in all, we heard wonderful news this week!

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