Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

A lot can happen in five years, you know. A baby can speak his first word (so happens to be "ball"), a toddler can chase his big sister around the house with his arms stretched in front of him chanting "butt, butt, butt, butt...", a little boy can lock himself in his bedroom without any idea desire to unlock it (regardless of the fact that he's sitting in a dirty diaper and undoubtedly hungry). Said boy can also require mommy and daddy to hire a locksmith to get him out of said room. A little boy can become so fascinated with trains that he stand by the window (that just so happened to be right across the street from the railroad tracks) and say, on repeat, "too too tains a bye bye an hont hont" (the choo choo trains are going bye bye and they say 'honk honk'). Lots of toy hoarding can take place. Dozens (oh yes, dozens) of toys can be found under a certain spiderman pillow on any given night. "Hulk SMASH" can be heard echoing off these house walls. Yes, Jeremiah has kept us utterly entertained from day one. We are so excited to be celebrating yet another year of your life. Love you so much, buddy! Happy 5th birthday.

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  1. What a precious boy he is! I still can't believe he is 5!!! Love you Jeremiah!

    Love auntie Jenna