Laughing Gas

So, after taking Brookie to a routine dentist check-up last month, we found that one of her permanant molars is actually growing in at an angle (almost sideways) instead of straight up. As it's growing in, it's pushing on the baby tooth right in front of it, causing a bit of errosion. To prevent the development of an abcess, she was scheduled to get the baby tooth pulled so that her permant molar has some more space to figure out how to grow correctly. Anyway, a little laughing gas, a few shots into the gums to numb, wiggle-waggle-pull, and it was out. Oh. My. Word. Seeing Brooklyn 'under the influence' of laughing gas is something everyone should witness. She came to the appointment just nervous enough to be a little extra giggly, but once that gas set it there was no stopping her! She wouldn't quit giggling! I wish I would have recorded it. I was laughing too hard right alongside her (as were all the nurses and her awesome dentist).

She was thoroughly entertained by the fact that she couldn't feel one side of her face for a few hours and had no ill side effects. Hooray! Thanks, Dr. Bothun!

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  1. Haha, I'm laughing just reading this. Cute:)