Anxiously Awaiting Oma and Opa

It's no exaggeration to say that our children really are very happy almost all the time.Today though, they were beyond happy (is that even possible?). All they've been talking about for the past four days is, "how many more minutes 'til Oma and Opa come". They were off the walls (literally!) all morning.They could not stop giggling. Anything I said just put them rolling on the floor with the cutest little gut laugh. They turned random objects into "hats", "telescopes", "hoppers" (anything that allowed them to hop), and ran everywhere. Where did this energy come from and can I please have some??)

It was also a fun day because Savannah used her Bumbo for the first time! Her neck is so strong, she does GREAT in it! I couldn't help but think she looks a lot like Jeremiah at this age, so I had to dig up a picture. He's actually almost 4 months old in this picture, but they are similar in size.

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