Oma and Opa!

We had a wonderful visit with Oma and Opa. They added on quite a few hours of driving to include us on their trip to Tucson, but a long morning of driving didn't stop them from diving into a good game of Memory with Brooklyn (the minute they walked in the door!) or zooming Jeremiah's cars across the floor with him. (I even caught Jerry side-skipping down the hall with Jeremiah at one point..how fun!).

They got here around 1:00 in the afternoon and stayed until after 7:00pm. It was so much fun! They both got many good snuggles and kisses from all the kids (Opa even took a little nap with Savannah on the couch :-) ), read lots of good books, raced a lot of cars, and had a delicious tea party put on by Brooklyn.

Thanks for driving all that way, Jerry and Joan. We love you!

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