Graham Siblings

I feel like we've been having visitors here every weekend (almost true). I love it! We've been very blessed to have family travel so far to come see us. This last weekend was so much fun. We got to have Mike's sister Stephanie, his brother Nathan, and Nathan's wife Heidi here. Stephanie flew in from Wisconsin and Nathan and Heidi flew in from Boston on Friday morning. They even managed to find flights that arrived within five minutes of eachother. Nice! We kept the weekend pretty low-key which was just perfect. The kids definitely kept us all well-entertained. We played a lot of Hungy Hungry Hippo, had some tea parties, played lots of trains and cars, had some fun story times, and Auntie Heidi even got to join Jeremiah in his Thomas tent!

If you ask the kids though, they'd probably tell you that THIS was the highlight of our time together over the weekend...

Of course, we took our walk to the park down the street. We thought we'd be able to show them some warm Texas weather, but it was surprisingly chilly. We just bundled the kids (and cut our park date short).
Sunday was a fun day. We brought them to our church in Plano, and I think they all really enjoyed it. I always love listening to the choir (with 300 people in the choir, it's hard NOT to like it!) and the 30-person orchestra. What a great way to start the day. This was also the first time we brought the kids in with us instead of having them go to their classrooms. They pretty much sat wide-eyed with jaws open when they first heard the choir. Too cute! After church, we all went to our friend's Kathy and Suresh's house for a lunch (and Vikings vs Cowboys game). Having them near is almost like having family around. They've been long-time friends of my in-laws, so it was an entertaining afternoon for everyone. They put out a big flag in honor of Mike and had a bit of a going-away send-off with a cake topped like an American flag. How sweet. How lucky are we to have them living 15 minutes away!

Nathan and Heidi stayed a couple days later than Stephanie (much thanks to the weather in Boston preventing them from going home). What a great surprise! (Though Nathan would have probably been okay with keeping on schedule with his patients). We thought it was great! The first time Nathan and Heidi left, Jeremiah kept saying "mo may-fin an auntie heidi. No bye bye". Needless to say, he was THRILLED when Mike got their phone call asking us to come back to the airport and pick them up again. I forgot that Heidi was in gymnastics as a child. She was quite a shock to Brooklyn as she showed off her mad gymnastics skills at the park :-).

Mike couldn't let them leave without showing off his amazing line dancing skills (with the help of a nice pair of boots). Before moving here, I would have never imagined Mike doing this (and enjoying it)!

We miss everyone already! Thanks for sacrificing your time and in Stephanie's case, your family (a big THANKS to Kyle!). We really love you guys.

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  1. Love you guys :) What great hosts you were. Could not have been more special!