Happy 2 Month Brithday, Savy!

Savannah is two months old today. Wow, time flies. This little girl is all smiles and full of good stories. She holds her head up so well and already prefers to be facing away from me when she's in the Moby. She likes to see everything and everyone around her. What a smart girl! Pacifiers are definitely a thing of the past (though they were hardly a 'thing' at all for her). If she wants soothing, her preference is to snuggle in my arms and take a walk/dance around the house (lucky me!). She has a nice little bald spot on the back of her head, but so far it looks like we won't need to shave the rest of her hair :) (we love you, Hadley!). One of her favorite things (and always has been) is getting patted on the butt. It'll often put her right to sleep.

She had her 2 month well baby check and has really grown (I mean, REALLY!). She's 24.25" tall (putting her just at the 100th percentile) and 13lb 14oz (putting her just below the 100th percentile). I about fell over when I saw those numbers. The Pierson baby genes really did sneak up on her :-).

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  1. She is looking SO sweet! And so much like Jeremiah :) I cannot wait to hold her and smell her sweet baby goodness...